Relations of the Unified Doors of Africa.

Diasporic relations

The Unified Doors, from its formation, has received lots of criticisms from its diaspora for its lack of active participation in diasporic affairs. However, historic KXORMs have leaned towards the development and reconstruction of the nation as justification for its passivity. But despite its passive presence in its diaspora, the unified Doors welcomes and has offered citizenship opportunities to hundreds of thousands of people in its diaspora. UD has provided financial aid to regions in its diaspora, especially those historically affected by natural disasters, and has multiple humanitarian organizations that lead humanitarian missions to its diasporic areas worldwide.

Foreign relations

The Unified Doors has become a very distrusting and reserved nation, as it focuses solely on its internal growth and development. This attitude developed due to years of colonization and the attempted neo-colonization, which eventually led to the Unification War and its subsequent Unification. Its political presence is minimal on the world stage, and it has little to no alliances with any foreign nations. Its presence is felt on the world stage, mainly in an economic capacity. It is a prominent exporter of consumer goods like rubber and chocolate and industrial goods like machinery, computer chips, electrical equipment, and knowledge-based services.

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