National Emblem of the Unified Doors of Africa.

The national emblem of the Unified Doors is the Unity Falcon is a unique symbol of the country and its national identity. It is the principal national symbol and depicts a falcon flying with a golden ankh in its grip and the word "UBUNTU" inscribed on its thoracic area. The Seal of the KXORM is a slightly modified version of the Unity Seal, and its components are utilized in various government organizations and Door seals. The seal is used to authenticate certain documents issued by the federal government and can likewise be seen on passports, embassy and consulate notices, etc.

Figure: National emblem of the Unified Doors of Africa, "Unity Seal," as depicted on passports, embassies, and certain federal documents.


The seal symbolizes freedom, strength, unity, and independence. The golden ankh held in the Falcon's grip denotes the pursuit of a joyful life for its people, and the inverted pyramid represents the strength of the nation, which stands ready at any moment to defend itself and its principles by any means necessary.

The Escutcheon is the red and green panels holding in place the nation's motto "UBUNTU" and illustrates the colors representative ideals protecting the unification as "one Door is because all Doors are" and vice versa.

The Falcon's right iris facing the green panel is closed, while the left iris facing the red panel is open: signifies the special vigilance to the red panel's representative ideals of Unification, Loyalty, Valor, and Never-Again to Maafa, Colonization, and Neo-Colonization.

Figure: Great Seal of the KXORM, depicting the Kandakê exclusive or Mansa sitting on the “Ohene Adwa,” the highest symbol of authority and leadership of the Akan people, which was adopted to represent the authority of the KXORM.

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