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Nibalum Entertainment is a startup company with particular momentum behind it based on the perceived demand for its product, "healthy African cultural presence in mainstream media." This startup intends to proliferate due to offering a world where Africa's cultural goldmine is explored to its extremities with phenomenal world-building and transmedia narratives via various mediums that address this particular entertainment market gap and mainstream thirst!


Despite its cultural goldmine, with enough historical and cultural raw materials to tell unique stories that'll entertain and inspire the masses for many centuries, we can all agree that Africa oddly has a substantial lack of healthy mainstream presence. And though historical and contemporary artists have made attempts and efforts to address this issue, the problem still appears to be very much present today. The few times Africa finds itself in the mainstream light, most creative art explores either the uninspiring or cliché parts of the culture. Nibalum Entertainment aims to provide innovative solutions to solve this lack of healthy mainstream presence problem through various entertainment mediums, like books, motion pictures, animated stories, and other avenues for escapism while significantly contributing to African Literature. 


Take a movie like Marvel's Black Panther; we all remember fans in the thousands going to the movies multiple times and even purchasing tickets for others to see the film. We remember how theaters were always packed and social media platforms flooded with comments, reviews, and parodies of what most considered a cultural phenomenon. From a story standpoint, the plot of Black Panther was neither new nor a game-changer or half as good as the top 10 movies of all time. But the mainstream thirst and hunger for healthy African cultural mainstream presence drove the lots to flood theaters to see this "cultural phenomenon," which was, for the most part, a gracefully wrapped spectacle.


The natural world has the most extensive story potential as all known fictional worlds like Middle earth, the known world, the Wizarding world, etc. Despite the amount of detail that went into their construction, they pale in comparison quantitatively and qualitatively to the natural world. 90% of all films and other forms of story-based entertainment are set in the ever-extending natural world, yet we as artists have barely explored half of its story potential. Our most ambitious world-building project yet, the "Unified Doors of Africa," is the most ambitious and most extensive fictional world-building endeavor to date, as we aim to create a world as detailed and exciting as the natural world, with tremendous story potential. We invite writers and artists from diverse genre backgrounds to come in and tell beautiful stories to entertain, inspire people and provide pure escapism!

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